Iced Tea Lemonade at Acoustic Java is so good!

my refreshing iced tea on the cafe table near a window.

I tried the Iced Tea Lemonade at Acoustic Java. They’ve got different flavors so I chose Blood Orange. It’s really good. Perfect on a hot day. Go get you some.

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The 508: Damn Fine Coffee In Worcester

I love coffee and Worcester has a lot of great spots to get some. I'm going to visit as many as I can and post about it here. Suggestions are welcomed (please).

Here's what I have so far - Damn Fine Coffee

Worcester Scavenger Hunt

So you think you know Worcester?

#WOOSH (Woo Scavenger Hunt) was a friendly challenge from Victor Infante, Entertainment Editor at Worcester Telegram & Gazette. He gave us a list of some of Worcester’s hidden treasures to visit and take a selfie. I got 10 of the items so I “won” (there was no prize, just bragging rights and an interview on Victor’s podcast.)