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winter 18/19 12.21.2018 - 03.20.2019

Hello & Welcome.

I'm Claudia Snell and I'm a web developer and photographer from Worcester, MA. This one of my personal projects. As with my other personal stuff, this is one part experiment and one part excuse to make another site about stuff that interests me. In this case, it's a Worcester thing. My plan right now is to create quarterly collections of stuff. My definition of "stuff" will be evolving over time. Winter 18/19 is the first group of "stuff".

3.15.19 - 3.21.19

I was at Worcester PopUP twice this week for cool things going on in there. On Friday, I was there for Behind the Hype panel discussion moderated by Dee Wells (Twitter: @DeeWellsOSD). On Monday was a performance by musician, poet, and artist, Milad Yousufi - His Art, His Music, His Journey presented by Music Worcester.

Worcester, we are lucky to have this space and the staff that works there to bring so many great events in. Go see some of the things!

panelists and audience

Behind The Hype Panel Discussion

3.8.19 - 3.14.19

1st Hispanic Arts Gallery 2019 by CENTRO at the Worcester PopUp. I missed the opening celebration but caught the closing. Great art & music. I'm looking forward to the next one already.

Closing event attendee looking at the art.

Art show closing event.

3.1.19 - 3.7.19

The Dirty Gerund Poetry Show has a new YouTube channel so you can relive the Finest Ruckus any time you need to. Show is every Monday at Ralph's, 8:30p. There's open mic, featured poets, art and painting, and the Finest Ruckus in all the land. Go there.

Poet at the mic in a grungy rock bar

Co-Creator and Host, Alex Charalambides, performing.

2.22.19 - 2.28.19

Friday night. Halligan's. Silverbacks. Awesome. That is all.

Mike Lynch, with his acoustic guitar, in the spotlight and singing.

Mike Lynch, Silverbacks.


#WOOSH (Woo Scavenger Hunt) was a friendly challenge from Victor Infante, Entertainment Editor at Worcester Telegram & Gazette. He gave us a list of some of Worcester's hidden treasures to visit and take a selfie. I got 10 of the items so I "won" (there was no prize, just bragging rights and an interview on Victor's podcast.)

Even though the official completion date was back in November, I'm trying to get to as many as possible. I'm keeping track of where I've been and where I still need to get to.

2.15.19 - 2.21.19

Listen! a poetry reading featuring Victor Infante. Listen! happens on Sundays at 7:00p at Nick's. There's open mic and a featured poet every week.

Victor Infante reading his work at Nick's.

Victor Infante

2.8.19 - 2.14.19

Rattlesnake Shake at Halligan's. Power blues by some of the best musicians in the area, very high energy. If you like Led Zepplin, Cream, Jimi Hendrix and similar, this band is for you.

Jim Perry, guitarist, doing a solo in front of a neon beer light.

Jim Perry, Rattlesnake Shake guitar.

1.25.19 - 1.31.19

Wooberry Ice Cream reopened after their yearly winter break and I had to stop by and get some sweet cream ice cream. I discovered that it's even more delicious with cashews on top. I'll be doing that again.

Counter and chalkboard menu inside Wooberry.

Wooberry Ice Cream

1.11.19 - 1.17.19

My friend, Matt Brodeur Music, was playing over at Wild Willy's Burgers so I stopped by to say hi and take some photos of him performing. Worcester has a lot of talented musicians and it's great to see them performing everywhere.

Matt Brodeur, playing acoustic guitar.

Matt Brodeur


Do you like to knit or crochet? Want to learn? Knitscape can help. They've got beautiful stuff, classes, and a Knit Night meetup. Reduce stress, make friends, make something nice for yourself. Or, if you're like me, make something not so nice looking that your pet will adore #crochetwrecks (But seriously, he's adorable with the "blanket" I made).

collage of photos of yarn at knitscape showing the variety of colors and styles.

Small sample of yarn selection

12.28.17 - 1.3.19

Rattlesnake Shake at Greendale's. I really like this band. They've got great energy and are all excellent musicians. They also have a lot of fun together so it's a good time to watch them.

Jim Perry, guitarist, playing a solo.

Jim Perry, Rattlesnake Shake

12.21.18 - 12.27.18

I made it out to the Silverbacks' annual holiday show. They had a great crowd, everyone was dancing. The band was amazing, as always.

Mike reacting to Deric Dyer playing a solo on the sax.

Mike Lynch and Deric Dyer

close up of bearded dragon sticking her tongue out

My Dragon: Ash

When the weather is warm and the venue is animal-friendly, my bearded dragon, Ash, accompanies me. She's been to stores, farmers markets, poetry readings, parties, art galleries, concerts in the park, swap meets, pop-up events and a bunch of other stuff.

If you are an animal-friendly event or venue, please let me know. Ash and I may stop by. We also like to share that animals are welcomed so everyone knows if they can bring their non-human friends along.

Follow Ash on Instagram and Twitter.