LMAO… Who Did This?!

Image of Will Farrell as Elf taped to a mirror in Sweet Jane's shop.

Someone “Elfed” Sweet Jane’s shop on Small Business Saturday. Was it you?

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The 508: Damn Fine Coffee In Worcester

I love coffee and Worcester has a lot of great spots to get some. I'm going to visit as many as I can and post about it here. Suggestions are welcomed (please).

Here's what I have so far - Damn Fine Coffee

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I'm going to be posting about other Worcester blogs and social media accounts that I enjoy following, reading, and listening to so you can follow them too: Worcester Blogs and Social That You Should Read.

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Worcester Murder Cats? - In which Bill Shaner of Worcester Magazine reports that there are rumors of extinct mountain lions roaming Worcester and everything goes downhill from there.

Worcester Scavenger Hunt

So you think you know Worcester?

#WOOSH (Woo Scavenger Hunt) was a friendly challenge from Victor Infante, Entertainment Editor at Worcester Telegram & Gazette. He gave us a list of some of Worcester’s hidden treasures to visit and take a selfie. I got 10 of the items so I “won” (there was no prize, just bragging rights and an interview on Victor’s podcast.)