Where I Can Get A Damn Fine Cup Of Coffee?

Agent Dale Cooper, Twin Peaks, saying 'damned fine cup of coffee'

Let’s Explore Some Locally Owned Coffee Spots…

I get asked where there’s good coffee fairly often so here are my favorite locally owned coffee spots. I’m also going to explore new places and share the ones I like here.

my favoritesAcoustic Java – two locations to love!

Beautiful, comfortable, great staff – both locations. Obviously, the coffee is amazing. This one is a favorite of many Worcesterites like Dee Wells and Ajayi Harris who both recommended Acoustic Java when I put out a (very informal) poll/question on my via my Instagram.

  • Acoustic Java Cafe – 932 A Main St., Worcester, MA 01610
  • Acoustic Java Roastery & Tasting Room – 6 Brussels Street, Worcester, MA 01610
  • Website for Hours and Details

my favoritesBean Counter

Cafe and Bakery. They’ve got some of the best cakes and cupcakes in Worcester.

  • Bean Counter, Highland Street – 113 Highland Street, Worcester, MA
  • Shrewsbury Location – 288 Boston Turnpike (Route 9 East) Shrewsbury, MA 01545
  • Website for Hours and Details

my favoritesWooBerry & Coffee Cabin

Jackson Effie Coffee Cabin at WooBerry Ice Cream. What could be better than great coffee and hand-crafted, small-batch ice cream? Nothing. Nothing is better than that. Go get some.

my favoritesOn The Rise

They’ve got great coffee and delicious things from their bakery. Try the peanut butter mousse pie if they have it when you go. You will not be disappointed. (Unless you don’t like peanut butter. Then, get something else. Whatever it is will also be delicious.)

my favoritesCrust Artisan Bakeshop

Excellent coffee and one of the best chicken salad sandwiches I’ve ever had. It’s not like anything anyone else is doing. Go get one!

my favoritesStop Cafe

This was recommended by @yurixramirez via my Instagram post. I stopped by and had a muffin and a latte. Both were really good! The place is bright and friendly. It’s a nice spot to relax and enjoy your coffee.

New (And New To Me) Places I Will Be Visting

I LOVE getting recommendations for new places to check out. Tag me on Instagram (@worcturtleboy) or Twitter (@worcturtleboy) and let me know where I should go next. Chains are OK but I’m focused on locally owned coffee spots for this project so let me know what’s good in Worcester.

Right now, here’s the list of places I need to go:

  • Corner Lunch, recommended by @ajayiharris via my Instagram post.
  • Root and Press: I visited on opening day and the cafe was full of happy people. I will be back.
  • Bedlam Books: They didn’t have the cafe up and running when I visited. Now they do and I will check it out.
  • Java Joe’s recommended by PopTrash Beauty.