The Flaming Lips at The Palladium

I went to The Flaming Lips show at the Palladium last Saturday (August 3). It was easily one of the best shows I’ve been to. Ever.

Flaming Lips on stage
The Flaming Lips started their show with confetti canons, huge balloons bounding all around the Palladium, and a huge “Fuck Yeah Worcester” balloon.

The show opened with Particle Kid, second up was Lennon Claypool Delirium and then The Flaming Lips played. All three bands were great; the crowd was amazing; the show was a happy dance party. It was just what I needed.

At the end, all the people around where I was standing started hugging and introducing themselves to each other. I’ve never seen such a great vibe at a show. It was perfect. Worcester was being beautiful.

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