Playlist – START 2019 by Gabriel Rollins

The 2019 edition of stART on the Street is coming up on September 15 and Gabriel Rollins, Performing Arts Director of stART, has made a playlist to get us all in the mood. This makes me extremely happy. I needed to share it.

(Actual footage of me thinking about stART and listening to this playlist) Excited, dancing flower says AWW YEAH! and shoots rainbows out of it's hand

Gabriel and the stART team work hard to provide “the most eclectic line up of live music you can see in one day in Central Massachusetts.” (mini-quote by Gabriel. I totally agree with him.) Each year they host an impressive number of bands, musicians, and performing artists. It’s like a performing arts festival in the middle of a visual arts festival and it is AMAZING. There’s something for everyone. If you haven’t been, you need to go.

The stART team posted a list of who is performing, where, and when so you can plan your day. They also included a bit about what sort of performance it is.

Here’s the list

Enjoy this playlist. And if you see Gabriel Rollins around at stART, thank him for this AND for all the work he puts into making sure the ~60,000+ stART attendees are entertained a lot, all day.

  • Senegal by Mamadou
  • Repetition by All the Time Always
  • Wasabicado by Death Over Simplicity, Ghost of the Machine
  • The Real Struggle by Sunta Africa
  • Stronger Than U Think by Destiny Claymore
  • All in This Together by Rick Berlin & The Nickel & Dime Band
  • Old Men Die in New Suits by Michael Kane & The Morning Afters
  • Wanderer by The Womps
  • Cancelled by Twelveyes, Square Loop
  • Taking My Time by James Keyes
  • California Bound by Evil Felipe
  • Jolene by The Womps
  • Great Big House by Rick Berlin & The Nickel & Dime Band

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