Worcester Murder Cats?

Apparently, there may (or may not) be mountain lions roaming around Central Massachusetts. Bill Shaner wrote a story about possible sightings of the officially extinct animals. Then Worcester answered him, hilariously.

I, for one, am here for this type of content.

So, Here It Is: The Murder Cat Mysteries.

September 24, 2019
It started with the weekly installment of Worcesteria by Bill Shaner where he reported that there had been some rumors of really big cat sightings in Auburn and Worcester but that authorities aren’t saying much about it because Eastern Mountain Lions are officially extinct. More importantly, Bill Shaner gave us the phrase “murder cats” in this article.

Read Bill’s piece here: Worcesteria: Stalked by an extinct murder cat? by Bill Shaner

September 25th, 2019
Brendan Melican and Mike Benedetti of the 508 Podcast answered the Worcesteria article with their own discussion of the rumored murder cats. While admitting they are completely not qualified as wildlife experts, they did add to the hilarity with their own theories about whether there are murder cats and why they might be suddenly showing up in Worcester.

Among the theories was that the new baby mountain lions at the EcoTarium were attracting wild mountain lions the same way some cat owners will leave a lost pet cat’s litter box outside to lure their runaway pet home.

October 3, 2019
The conversation continued with Bill Shaner and Victor Infante talking about the encroachment of mountain lions and moose in Worcester. On Worcester Culture Watch: here Be Murder Cats and All That Jazz!

There have been some confirmed moose sightings in Worcester so we do know those are not rumors. The moose are real.

Enter The Experts

No, really. The EcoTarium really knows their mountain lions. They have two young ones. (If you haven’t been to see them, go. They’re super cute.)

If anyone knows about murder cats, it’s the EcoTarium and they had something to say.


That sounds serious. I waited for the response to be published and expected it to be full of facts and “setting straight of the record”. What happened instead was really funny and well worth the read.

October 22, 2019
First Person: EcoTarium not pussy-footing around By The EcoTarium

I didn’t learn much about mountain lions but I was entertained. Well done, EcoTarium. That seemed to be the end of it but…

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