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Why Are We Here?

I don't know the answer to that but I do know why this site is here. It's an experiment and learning lab for me. It's also an excuse to go drink coffee and see some local artists around the Worcester, MA area. For you, I hope it'll be an entertaining way to find places to explore on your own. If it isn't, thank you for stopping by for a few minutes.

About Me

I'm a web developer from Worcester, MA. If you're curious, I've got the details posted on LinkedIn.

About The Site

This is a static site built with a generator called Eleventy ( This is my first site built this way. I have a lot to learn but in many ways it reminds me of how we used to build sites when I started (1996, aka "The Ancient Times").

To get started with Eleventy, I got a copy of a starter site project by Phil Hawksworth called Eleventyone. It helped me get a better understanding of how to work with Eleventy. You can get a copy of the Eleventyone project for yourself on his repo on GitHub.

close up of bearded dragon sticking her tongue out

My Dragon: Ash

When the weather is warm and the venue is animal-friendly, my bearded dragon, Ash, accompanies me. She's been to stores, farmers markets, poetry readings, parties, art galleries, concerts in the park, swap meets, pop-up events and a bunch of other stuff.

If you are an animal-friendly event or venue, please let me know. Ash and I may stop by. We also like to share that animals are welcomed so everyone knows if they can bring their non-human friends along.

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