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Thank you for your opinion

Hello! I guess this means you don't like my site. Please let me assure you that your disapproval hasn't made one bit of difference! While I do prefer when people like my work, please note that this is a personal project so the only approval I need is my own. Don't feel bad. At least you got to see this amazing page that I made just for YOU!

Thanks again for playing and please feel free to go make your own site to suit your needs.

Bye, now! Have a great life.

close up of bearded dragon sticking her tongue out

My Dragon: Ash

When the weather is warm and the venue is animal-friendly, my bearded dragon, Ash, accompanies me. She's been to stores, farmers markets, poetry readings, parties, art galleries, concerts in the park, swap meets, pop-up events and a bunch of other stuff.

If you are an animal-friendly event or venue, please let me know. Ash and I may stop by. We also like to share that animals are welcomed so everyone knows if they can bring their non-human friends along.

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