Turtle Boy Tours

One thing I hear a lot around Worcester is that there’s nothing to do. I say it myself sometimes. The truth is, there’s lots to do but sometimes it’s not so obvious. My answer to this is what I’m calling “Turtle Boy Tours”

What Is A Turtle Boy Tour?

This is an ongoing series of posts that feature suggestions for things to do but with a slightly different approach than most similar content has. These are not the usual “Top 10” listicle format. I put together a sort of themed idea for something to do for the day. The posts include an activity and additional information to help you plan a day like: where to eat in the area, where is the parking, additional information that may be helpful.

The posts are all based on stuff I like to do myself. I have no sponsors, advertisers, or others influencing these posts. It’s just me. A person who lives and Worcester and likes to do stuff.

The Tours

In no particular order.

Ice Cream and Art

The face of a golden fish.

Ice Cream at WooBerry and a short walk down to Elm Park Elementary School to check out some murals.

Cascading Waters

Take a hike, get some lunch. This is one of my favorite spots to do some photography. Even in winter.

Stream that runs through Cascading Waters

The Dirty Gerund

Host, Alex Charalambides, doing the host thing

The Dirty Gerund, hosted by Alex Charalambides and Nicholas Earl Davis, is a high energy event with music, art, open mic and great local and guest poets.

Pow! Wow! Worcester 2016 Murals

Take a self-guided walking tour of the Pow! Wow! Worcester murals located in downtown Worcester. I’ve put together images, links to artist information, and a map that includes where to park, eat, and find the art that was created during Pow! Wow! Worcester 2016

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